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Golfing is a Sport?

Proteins are basically organic compounds of nitrogen which have large molecules that are composed of one or more long chains of amino acids. Proteins are an essential part of all the living organisms especially the structural components of the body tissues such as muscles, hair, etc. Protein shakes or simply the foods that contain proteins are absolutely essential after a session of workout.

Sessions of workouts or exercising create small tears in the muscles of our body which essentially requires proteins for the process of repair. Therefore, it is best to eat protein is within thirty minutes after a session of workout or exercise. This immediate supply of protein after a workout helps in the healing of the muscles and thereby making the muscles stronger.
One thing is to be kept in mind here is that the whey proteins which can be quickly digested are recommended in this case since it has the capability to provide the muscles with the required quick boost. However, the requirement of protein for the muscles remain intensified for a prolonged period and hence, in that case, casein protein is most effective in this case since it coagulates in the stomach and gets digested slowly.

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